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Blindman 2017  reunites Peter and Alex Gabriel who played together in Forbidden Silence in the early 90s.

Inspired by legendary drummers like Mötley Crüe’ drummer Tommy Lee, Metallicas' Lars Ulrich and Led Zeppelins' John Bonham..

Peter aspires to combine the best elements of the classic  bands into his performance style.

While flashy enough for a drummer, Peter is most content sitting in the back of the band as its strong heartbeat.

More focused on substance than style, he sees himself as a man of few words who is happiest making noise with a fast pair of sticks and the biggest possible bass drum.

At present, Peter is grateful to be making new music with his fellow band members and seeing where the music takes them. 

           Alex (LEX) Gabriel is a self taught musician                and bass player.

          Currently working with  BLINDMAN,

           His passion and intense driving style have                   pushed this band to a new level sonic resolve.

          With some early mild success with bands  

           Toten and Forbidden Silence, he knew then

          where all of his energy was to be focused.

          As a bass player he understands the role he

          plays, and play it he does.

         While not super flashy he holds the bottom end          while adding just enough tasty licks to give a

         nice melodic blend to any ground  

         pounding tune.

         With a look, sound and style that perfectly  

         rounds out his band,

         He truly will not disappoint.

From his early years as a young pup

on the New York City

Hard Rock Scene starting back in

the late '70s...

Pat NEVER fails to deliver....

From his start in his teens in the

groundbreaking band "Hammer"...

Going toe to toe with others way past his age..

"Kold Stown" in the '80s..

Would see this band blowing other bands

off the stage...


Would bring it complete..

A band about THE SONG....





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