"Lay The Past To Rest"

             The powerhouse third album!!!!


                       Pat Campbell:Guitar

                   Gatis Dravnieks:Vocals

                     Peter Vincent:Drums

                        Alex Gabriel:Bass

2016 will find Pat Campbell and company threading 

different waters.

"Broken City" is a concept album that tells the true stories of growing up in NYC in 1970-1989.

A more bluesy Hard Rock Style style....

But still rocking!!!

Featuring Pat Campbell on guitar....

Paul Sliva on vocals/guitar/keyboards..

Dennis Kelly on bass....

Ritchie Morgan on drums....

A story you will never forget!!!!

November 2015 finds the release of the sophomore

release from Blindman.

"Begging For Mercy" features the driving guitar 

of Pat Campbell.

Soaring vocals from Tony Monzillo.

Thundering bass from Pat Lano.

Special guest guitarist Rick Tedesco adds to the

guitar frenzy.

Special guest drummer...

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame member....

Original Alice Cooper drummer...

Neal Smith....


What can we say????

A monster!!!!!!!